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Uttar Pradesh Police Arrest 5 Accused In Mathura Jewellers' Murder Case

Uttar Pradesh Police Arrest 5 Accused In Mathura Jewellers’ Murder Case

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Uttar Pradesh Police Arrest 5 Accused In Mathura Jewellers’ Murder Case

MATHURA: Uttar Pradesh Police arrested five defendants of killing two jewelers in Mathura earlier this week. Six armed robbers entered Koyalawali Gali’s jewelry store and opened fire that killed two merchants. Two others were injured in the incident. The defendant was on motorcycles and escaped with cash and gold for Rs. 4 million rupees.

The incident infuriated UP chief Yogi Adityanath, who headed DGP Sulkhan Singh to intervene quickly in the case. Four policemen were suspended after the murders.

“… the rule of law prevails in Uttar Pradesh. There will be absolutely no protection to criminals in the state,” said the prime minister, said the BJP without a crime when his campaign.

In the closed-circuit television movie of the incident, a man with his face covered opens the door and points with a gun at the men inside the tent. More thieves follow, their faces hidden by the helmets, and a fight ensues while the staff try to make them retreat.

Jewelers from across the state observed a one-day strike to protest the lack of action in the case. The Lucknow Sarrafa association had also submitted a memorandum to the Minister of State, Shrikant Sharma, demanding adequate security for jewelers in Uttar Pradesh.

Vinod Maheshwari, general secretary of the association, said: “The jewelers are virtually blank for criminals Mathura The incident is very sad, and two of our brothers died crime should be controlled in the state.”

The opposition parties attacked the Adityanath government on the deteriorating situation of law and order in the UP.

Last week, in Gorakhpur, the hometown of the prime minister, a 45-year-old trader was arrested for going home by cyclists who fired and fled with Rs. 8 lakh.

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