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Mumbai’s Versova beach is dirty again. Here’s why

Mumbai’s Versova beach is dirty again. Here’s why


Mumbai’s Versova beach is dirty again. Here’s why

Beach  Versova was again covered with dirt, a few weeks after the Mumbaiites will be awakened to photographs of the beach that look like a tourist paradise.

Residents Versova cleaned the beach in the last 90 weeks and removed more than 5.7 million kg of waste – turning one of Mumbai’s dirtiest beaches.
However, its sandy beaches are once again full of garbage. The reason? Afroz Shah, the lawyer who led the clean-up campaign with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), studied the origin of the waste and was found abandoned in nine streams in the northwestern district of Bombay that is poured down.

Versova is a flat sandy beach with mangrove thick, some sections are also suppressed by this garbage.

The study found that the source of 70% of the waste is the Malad Creek – nine coves (see the names box) on empty. Another 20% of the waste from 1 000 rainwater drains whose opening is located along the 2.5 km coastline Versova – there is more waste being washed ashore during the monsoon.

“The remaining 10% comes directly from us,” Shah said. “As citizens, we neglect the responsibility fortunately fundamental times to dump garbage in trash cans to recycle through composting or even segregation at home.”
A recent study by the State Pollution Control Committee revealed that the water around the beach was heavily polluted, mainly due to the rejection of domestic waste at sea. “The sources we have identified are all maritime issues where wastewater is insignificant, resulting in very poor water quality,” Shah said.
The beach photographed last month, after the 90-week cleaning effort.
Shah said the monsoon, the amount of waste that landed on the beach every day was 2 kg lakh. “This is much smaller than it was in 2014, before starting cleanup. At that time, 5 to 6 kg kg of litter is landed every day,” he said.

Residents said the beach was much better after the campaign, but they agreed that there is a long way to go. “The beach was a shop there for two years with no possibility of walking. Now it is a much more respectable place to run or walk,” said Ruchi Dalal, a resident of Versova.
The current state of the beach Versova on July 6. (Satish Bate / HT Photo)
BMC officials said they were installing nets to trap plastic waste in marine markets.

“We started along streams of trap trappings along Malad. We also manually eliminate the beaches,” said Prashant Gaikwad, deputy municipal commissioner.

Suicide at Bandra-Worli Sea Link: Tragic case of heartbreak, depression that shocked Mumbai

Suicide at Bandra-Worli Sea Link: Tragic case of heartbreak, depression that shocked Mumbai


Suicide at Bandra-Worli Sea Link: Tragic case of heartbreak, depression that shocked Mumbai

The suicide rate among teenagers increases every day. Suicidal means may be different, but the cause remains the same, “depression.” A suicide bomber struck Mumbai this week as 24-year-old Pawanjeet Singh Kohli disappeared from Khar Sunday night, found himself arriving at the shore, near Fort Bandra.

Pawanjeet Singh Kohli said, he was a victim of depression and broken heart. According to his friends and family, Pawanjeet was a happy person, and none of them had the index through a confusion and depression. When police told their parents about the death of Pawanjeet, they were in shock.

Pawanjeet Singh Kohli was the son of a prominent businessman in Mumbai. On Sunday night, he jumped from Bandra-Worli. At about 3 in the morning, he asked the taxi driver to stop when he wanted to vomit, but he climbed onto the railing and jumped.

Later, the next day, Bandra police found a body at Fort Bandra and found him with the help of firefighters. By analyzing the missing complaints recently, the police gathered the Pawanjeet case and called their parents, who have been identified.

Pawanjeet Singh Kohli, 24, was a student at MMK University. Pawanjeet was the son of a busy businessman and lived in the Pali Hill market area, Bandra. Recently, on his birthday, his father gave him an Audi.

But the mystery began to unfold when police began to gather all the pieces, after 36 hours of suicide.

It all started on June 21, when Pawanjeet came to know about his girlfriend’s impending engagement, which was scheduled for June 25. After speaking of commitment, Pawanjeet called his parents to a meeting at Taj Lands End (Bandra).

During the meeting, Pawanjeet showed photos, messages and gifts from his parents exchanging between him and the woman if they were related.

But the woman’s parents were not ready to cancel the engagement. Upon leaving the hotel, Pawanjeet threatened to interrupt the engagement ceremony. After that, the woman’s parents contacted the parents of Pawanjeets, and the two families have tried to reason with him. At the end of the meeting, the two families came to the conclusion of burying the past and moving on.

A few days later, the woman called a friend Pawanjeet and mistreated him for trying to trigger his engagement. Pawanjeet’s friend recorded the conversation, and then shared the recording with Pawanjeet.

But despite the best intentions of Pawanjeet’s friend, Pawanjeet fled into a depression after listening to the conversation. Then Pawanjeet keeps everything in place.
On Saturday, July 1, Pawanjeet took his family to dinner at the restaurant on the road link, and later the same day, Pawanjeet and one of his friends left their homes for the festive Worli Sky Lounge.

That day, Pawanjeet did not take his car or his phone and told his family that he will soon return home. After that, he and his friend hired a taxi and went to his friend near the Town Bakery, Worli, and told him to join other friends in the Sky Lounge.

After leaving his friend, he took a liquor and went to Marine Drive, where he called his friends and told them that he had overcome the broken case.

But after telling his parents that he was coming back and did not, a missing person report was filed with the Khar police.

According to a report in Mid-Day, a police officer said Sunday night that he took a taxi when he left his house and when the taxi arrived at almost Worli and around 3 am, Pawanjeet asked driver to stop halfway Way, claiming he needed to vomit, but instead climbed the railing and threw himself into the water.

Bandra police found a body in Bandra Fort, and after finding their missing file, they became acquainted with the Pawanjeet case and called their parents and identified Pawanjeet.

Political parties in Mumbai continue to flout civic rules, deface city with illegal banners

Political parties in Mumbai continue to flout civic rules, deface city with illegal banners


Political parties in Mumbai continue to flout civic rules, deface city with illegal banners

Mumbai city news: A recent function at the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) headquarters left the entire stretch outside the civic body covered with illegal flags on poles and traffic lights.

Have you ever wondered why illegal flags continue to resurface and to disfigure the city despite an ongoing effort to eliminate? The answer seems to continue the apathy of the political parties to the rules of the civic body and the greater judicial power.

For example, a GST function at the headquarters of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has left the whole section outside the civic body covered with illegal flags at the poles and traffic lights.

On the recent visit of BJP president Amit Shah in Mumbai, the city was covered with illegal welcome posters. Posters and posters were observed at Dadar Western Express.

Despite the commitments of various political parties to prevent their members and supporters to disfigure the city, visits such as these by political leaders and many festivals in the city see a sudden increase in the number of illegal posters.

BMC officials said they feared political consequences if they acted.

During the past year, some 16,413 posters, boards, blocks, banners removed by the civic corps, 81% or 13,312 were political. In addition, the first information reports (FIR) were filed in 470 cases, while 3,711 complaints were filed with the police.

The same trend continued this year with civilian elections in February 2017. Of the 2,280 illegal posters, flags withdrawn in the last four months of 1028 or 45% were abolished in January just one month before the election and all were politicians.

In order to control unauthorized political flags, Bombay HC in February had even asked the Central Electoral Commission and the state whether it could cancel the registration of the parties if they challenged public property.

Offbeat Monsoon Destinations Near Mumbai That Nobody Knows About

Offbeat Monsoon Destinations Near Mumbai That Nobody Knows About


Offbeat Monsoon Destinations Near Mumbai That Nobody Knows About

While Mumbai is surrounded by popular monsoon ferns that attract a number of visitors on weekends there are hidden gems in Maharashtra no one knows. These unusual murson destinations close to Bombay are not busy and are quiet weekend getaways and rejuvenating for those who do not like clichés places.

Maharashtra home to a number of delightful monsoon destinations that survive life when rains hit them in June. Distributed throughout the state, these beautiful destinations attract crowds of tourists during the monsoon season. With part of the western Ghats in the state, it is natural that Maharashtra becomes intense green during the monsoon.

Moving from beaches to mountain resorts and meadows to waterfalls, the Maharashtra monsoon vacation spots make excellent weekend getaways. These sites have become extremely popular weekend destination for locals and tourists alike.

However, there are several hidden places hidden inside Maharashtra that become as fascinating during the monsoon as the most popular.

Located near Pune, Morachi Chincholi is the main peacock destination of Maharashtra. Dancing peacocks during the monsoon here are a sight to behold.

This rural area dotted with tamarind and green farms is a welcome respite from urban noise and pollution. It is located at a distance of 186 km and takes about 3 hours and 50 minutes to reach Mumbai.
Tapola has earned the nickname of mini-Kashmir Maharashtra with its scenic beauty and good weather. The mountain station is located near Mahabaleshwar, but it is much less crowded.

Tapola is built on the fortress Trek Vasota and hosts the charming Shivsagar Lake worth visiting for its water sports activities.

Monsoons bring out the best of Tapola, making it a perfect time for a weekend getaway in Mumbai. The distance from Mumbai to Tapola is 259 km and it takes about 5 hours and 45 minutes to arrive by road.
Perhaps one of the quieter clean and picturesque areas in the interior of Maharashtra, the coastal area of ​​Dapoli home to beautiful beaches. Located in the Ratnagiri district, Dapoli is a seaside town that makes you forget the hustle and bustle.

Clean and sleepy beaches like Murud, Harnai and Anjarle, offer rejuvenation points and picnic moments enjoyable for a romantic atmosphere. Dapoli is located about 225 km from Mumbai and the car will take you about 4 hours and 50 minutes. DATE OF DEPARTURE The best family stations near Mumbai that are perfect for children

One of the easiest, but most rewarding tours in Maharashtra, Tikona Fort is situated on a beautiful mountain with excellent views of the surrounding vegetation. Also known as the Vitangad, Tikona is only 60 km from Pune in the Maval region.

During the monsoon, the area surrounding the base of the village-Tikona Peth becomes an intense and surprising green for hiking a memorable experience. The movement from Mumbai to Fort Tikona is 121 km and it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach the base village. The walk takes about an hour and 15 minutes.

Decide by December on Mahim residents' claim to open space: HC to trial court

Decide by December on Mahim residents’ claim to open space: HC to trial court


Decide by December on Mahim residents’ claim to open space: HC to trial court

MUMBAI: The Bombay Supreme Court ordered a lower court to decide on December 15 whether a developer could build additional towers several stories in the open space of two housing cooperatives to Mari Nagar, Mahim.

Judge Gautam Patel’s injunction was filed by an appeal from San Miguel Iglesia against an order of the Civil Court of the City in September 2016, which prevented further development. Our Cooperative Housing Corporation María Auxiliadora Vailankanni and filed a lawsuit to direct the church owns the land on which the buildings are located, to execute a means of transportation in their favor.

Residents requested a temporary restriction on the Suraj developer’s premises indicates that the proposed construction would reduce its open space, including three gardens. The court of first instance in September restricts the construction of the elimination of the test.
The Church has called for this order. His lawyer S C Naidu claimed that there were 20 buildings in the original layout. Fifteen buildings were demolished and their occupants were housed in two buildings of several floors.

He said five buildings that still remain. He also said that due to the modification in the development control regulation, a separate building will be given to Mhada.

The company’s attorney argued that the church and the manufacturer “attempted to illegally charge additional space for indices or transfer of development rights on the ground for construction unlike their fiancé.”

Justice Patel in his order of June 3, pointed out that due to the continuous development of the construction, the impact is felt more by the people “that accommodation in the remaining five buildings were promised” and that Mhada will not be able to build his house Public.

“At the same time, it allows the construction of proceeding would be likely to have irreparable and irreversible damage to the plaintiffs,” he added.

It ordered that the stay will continue until the elimination of the judgment and four weeks later in case of discharge. The parties must appear before the court of first instance on July 28 and the court is requested to “try to complete the process” and to give its verdict before December 15.

Can't equate Taher Merchant to Tiger Memon: Defence lawyer

Can’t equate Taher Merchant to Tiger Memon: Defence lawyer


Can’t equate Taher Merchant to Tiger Memon: Defence lawyer

MUMBAI: Defense Wednesday opened the first of the arguments against the death sentence requested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for three people convicted of being the main conspirators in the Mumbai mass explosions in March 1993 .

Sudeep Pasbola, attorney Taher Merchant said that the defendant could not be assimilated to the main brain and fugue accused Tiger Memon, because all he did was his will.

“It is not even the case of the accusation that Taher knew the ultimate object of the conspiracy from beginning to end,” said Pasbola, saying that Taher was playing a “secondary role.” The court found that Taher was one of the hallmarks of the blast.

The CBI’s special prosecutor, Deepak Salvi, while seeking the death penalty for him, said he was in a “dominant position of authority” and took no action to prevent explosions killed 257 people and left 713 injured.

Pasbola has repeatedly stressed the lack of evidence on the list of aggravating circumstances of the case against Taher. “You can not upgrade to the last word.” “It really is a howler (do),” he argued.

However, emphasizing the role assigned to Taher and reading a confused series of confessions Pasbola said there was no evidence that there was no conspiracy to cause explosions when Taher had accompanied some accused, including the approving The airport of Dubai.

These defendants were sent to Pakistan for training in weapons and the CBI said Taher assured them a soft entry into Pakistan. In the lawsuit it appears that Taher had links to Pakistan’s ISI, simply because he knew tiger, but emphasized that the death penalty could not be sought or granted in an “inference”.

He said that in Pakistan the airport, authorities could have connections, but we can not infer that it had to be ISI. The court said there was “a conclusion”.

A special judge TADA, who on June 16, had cut Taher guilty under the Terrorism Act and disruptive activities (prevention) for conspiracy to cause explosions, said: “We have to see that they took the accused and sent to Pakistan. And what did they do there?

Pasbola said the evidence shows that in itself the role of Taher was “limited to ask one or two people to go to Pakistan for training in the arms and ensure their stay.”

“There is no evidence that revenge against India and the Indian extraction people was discussed at the meeting in Dubai …” said Pasbola, adding that what was discussed was “to prepare the weapons training to be ready for Retaliate in the event of riots. ”

“Taher actively helped an aid committee to provide food, clothing and money for people affected by the riots in Mumbai,” he added.

“The preservation of it is a basic human instinct,” he went on to say that “absconsion in itself can not be considered as an aggravating circumstance or proof of charge.”

“He felt remorse, but not regret,” Pascuala said in one of the final request of the indictment indicating that remorse is when he feels pain for something Taher did, but repentance comes the fault of the crime that Taher did not do. “” Aggravating circumstances should be the source of evidence, “he said.

“The claims are based on conjectures and inferences,” as argued to minimize the role of banking in the 1993 bombing of Pasbola Thursday’s bursts continue their presentations.

Rising after the knockdowns

Rising after the knockdowns


Rising after the knockdowns

Gargee Walekar is the only representative of Maharashtra in the India team for the Rugby event to seven girls U-18 World Games in Paris this weekend. It was part of the Seven Rugby Asian Championship for girls under 18 in the UAE last year.

Known for its speed and agility, Gargee is not the only area in the suburbs of Mulund to greatness. Her former schoolmate, Ruchi Shetty, represented the India team at the biggest Asian Women’s Championships of 2016 in Sri Lanka.

Girls Mulund, Gargee and Ruchi and their former classmates, Kshitija Manglurkar, Krutuja Manglurkar and Shraddha Lawand, were also in India under 18-year-old Rugby Sevens girls in Dubai last year.

The former students of Santa María Convent High School, Mulund, always play school property or in a nearby Nahur camp with other boys and girls.

The underwear soccer player 17 as an approach from the first day he entered the game. “I was introduced to this sport in Class XI by Get on Rohit D’Souza Rugby program at our school.

It was a new game, and everything was different about it. I liked the address. Initially, the people around us do not support us because they do not know much about it. But now, everyone is proud. I am in first year of degree in the university Ruparel.

The love of the game has stayed with me since then and I played many junior and senior national tournaments, “he said.

None of his family has played rugby, but he has faced no obstacle despite a difficult sports touch. “My father played cricket at the club, and my grandfather was an athlete. My parents supported him throughout his careers, but he wants me to do so well academically.

Gargee and former school mates play for the Bombay club The Forwards. She was selected in the 12-member team after a two-week training camp at Bombay Gymkhana. Rugby coaches India Nasser Hussain and Shaikh Rehmuddin conducted the training of the 25 likely candidates.

The girls were selected for the camp during the National Youth Rugby Championship Société Générale held on June 10 and 11 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi. Hussain and Shaikh are both Mumbai and traveled with the team. Hussain is also a former captain of the Indian Rugby team and current CEO of Rugby India.

The Indian team T-18 girls are five Odisha players, captain Sumitra Nayak and five players from West Bengal. These ten players are from the tribal areas. Sultana New Delhi complete team of 12 members.

Gargee had a good start in his first international tournament in Dubai last year, but his team lost the last place.

She wants to repair this moment. “It was a good match for me, and I played before, I was injured in the semifinals, and a lot of other players also had injuries, we could not make it to the final, this time we want to reach the final and win,” he said.

Gargee feels rugby while a sport is improving in India and are able to compete with international tournaments.

“I have speed, I can hear myself well and run fast, but my frame is thin, I want the change” , He said.

Mumbai school trustee's son allegedly helped with answers for SSC papers

Mumbai school trustee’s son allegedly helped with answers for SSC papers


Mumbai school trustee’s son allegedly helped with answers for SSC papers

A Mulund school apparently took a page off-stage copy of SSC 2015 Bihar. As hundreds of family and friends have climbed the walls of the test centers to give answers to Bihar students, some teachers at Wamanrao Muranjan High School and Junior College have put their resources together with ease to help a student – Trustee who administers the school, not less – cheats for all documents in the SSC exam this year.

Complaint letters about the incident were sent to the Commission and secondary education Maharashtra High School (MSBSHSE) and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis by Rahul Banavali, a local activist, also a student of 1,988 school lots.

The student at the center of the scandal is the son Deepak Joshi, secretary Balaram Raosaheb Nyandev Thakur Vidyamandir, who heads the school. Banavali stated that the student had received the documents before the exam time and the teachers are also present in the classroom to give a scheduled response.

From day 1
The incident occurred after some teachers returned to work after being in a supervisory position and informed former school students of the incessant copy.

The lawsuit says the assisted deception began early review of SSC March 7 to help Joshi’s son. While the tests were in progress, other students also noticed a copy and mentioned their parents.
Soon, the rumors began to turn and came to the masters who ignored the facts so far. Unhappy with the events mentioned what happened to Banavali, who in turn sends the complaint to the higher authorities.

Banavali said in the middle of the day: “When teachers approached me to inform this unfair practice, no one wanted to present, for fear of the consequences of raising their voice against the school. What I told them is very serious and injustice Completes many other students who come for the same exam at the same time. ”

Deceptive devices in abundance
“The son of the secretary received the documents issued before the scheduled time, not only was a separate space to sit on the examination, but also received the help of teachers who provided answers,” he added, saying that the first complaint Was sent in March itself.

Also read: Panels to verify the copy to all the centers of examination SSC, HSC
“I have followed since, but the authorities have not taken any concrete action. So he sent letters to the higher authorities, including the head of government,” Banavali said.

Speaking at noon on condition of anonymity, a teacher said, “I was out of school when I was in charge of supervision in another branch. But when I learned of the incident, I was surprised and therefore I mentioned our alumni.”

Dattatray Jagtap, chairman of the MSBSHSE Mumbai division, said. “We have received the complaint and it is a serious matter, if they are proven. We will ask the local education agent to conduct an investigation into this complaint.”

Treated like a common criminal: Mumbai woman on trip to Georgia

Treated like a common criminal: Mumbai woman on trip to Georgia


Treated like a common criminal: Mumbai woman on trip to Georgia

The Khushbu Kaushal Mumbai on Facebook message about her experience in Georgia was viral, said Thursday that her experience in Eastern European countries was a test when she spent spending hours at the airport and returning to India without any adequate explanation.

Kaushal shared his story on Facebook, addressing Archil Dzuliashvili, Georgia’s Ambassador to India on “the most humiliating night” of his life in the capital, Tbilisi. His position July 3, 3800 was shared by individuals and more than 4,000 responded.

“I was treated like a common criminal. I had no water, no food, no rest to rest at the airport,” said the Bandra resident, who returned to his home in Hindustan Times.

Kaushal, who works with an advertising agency, said he began planning his trip to Georgia two months ago after watching a television show, indicating some of the characters to visit Eastern Europe to the east of the country.

“It was then that I realized that there is a country called Georgia and not just an American state.” When the Georgia airport agent asked me the purpose of my visit, I shared with him and shared a laugh. What I thought was a process, said Kaushal.

Kaushal said he produced his electronic visa, issued by the Government of Georgia, his employer’s letters, hotel reservations, return ticket, bank statement and insurance, among other documents needed to travel to another country for officials of Immigration there.

He added that he realized that another Indian, who also had an electronic visa, was also “detained” at Tbilisi airport.

M. Kaushal said the Georgia Ministry of Foreign Affairs had issued the electronic visa when it was published online for the latest country tour. However, when questioned at Tbilisi airport, immigration officials did not mention any problems with the issue of their electronic visa, he said.
When Kaushal arrived at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, an Indian immigration agent said that 90% of Indian travelers were sent back to Georgia.

“This seems to be true because after sharing my message on Facebook, people abandoned their comments and saw that there was a group of six to seven girls, who were returned, a man who had a conference for abroad and parents who also Visited his children.If there is a problem with the electronic visa, why the Georgian government issuing the same? “Asked Kaushal.

It was his first trip to Europe Kaushal which was in Dubai and Thailand in the past. And when asked if he wanted to go to Georgia again, Kaushal said he feared.

“I am afraid to think again even though many Georgians were very kind, as they have left an apology to my post. The Georgian media and lawyers were also willing to help.

But I do not know how the Georgian government will act with me. I do not know if they’ll put me in jail for my second visit, “he said.

An official of the Georgian Embassy told the Hindustan Times that the problem was with the electronic visa Kaushal wore.

In Mumbai, real estate project launches down by 36%

In Mumbai, real estate project launches down by 36%


In Mumbai, real estate project launches down by 36%

MUMBAI: New releases of Mumbai Metropolitan Region decreased by 36% between January and June 2017, due to the new real estate regulation law and maintenance of the Bombay Supreme Court in permits for new projects saturating city dumps.

A report from Knight Frank India, India Real Estate (JANUARY TO JUNE 2017) said Wednesday that RERA compliance also prevented manufacturers from marketing their projects, which had an impact on sales.

While the first half of 2016 saw the emergence of 24,450 apartments, the first half of 2017 has been the case with 15,763 units entering the market.

Recommended Although sales have fallen by 8% over last year, the ratio of units launched with a price range of less than Rs 75 lakh to 56% in the first half 2.016 thousand to 84% in the first half 2017. “An important piece of New carried out under Rs 50 lakh,” he said.

Samantak Das, Chief Economist and National Director, Research, Knight Frank, said: “The launch hit the first-line sales more to project developers and become compatible with RERA, which will increase substantially for the industry. The same period last year due to demonetization.

In the front of the price, Mumbai, like other cities, has a time correction. In the future, Maharashtra is already one of the key players in the creation of a RERA regulator; We believe that this city could soon stop the harassment of political interventions. ”

According to the report, small and low priced apartments led to an increase in the proportion of launches in the central suburbs, while Vasai-Virar and Mira-Bhayandar received the lion’s share in the western suburbs.

“The unsold inventory of 1.38,652 units remains a concern, analysis indicates that developers have more than two years to deplete inventories, developers push to unload inventory unsold, which triggered a regular sale of Kalyan Dombivli “, He said.

The suburb of Mumbai, the center of the device, had the largest number of unsold homes (31,758), while the number of the western suburbs was 22,126.
Meanwhile, in the first eight cities, new launches dropped 41%.

Sales also fell by 11% compared to the previous year, which represents sales of the first low average of the last five years, according to Knight Frank report. While the first half of 2016 recorded sales of 35,000 apartments of 1, the figure fell to 1 20.755 between January and June 2017.

Total unsold inventories in the first half 2017 in Mumbai, NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Calcutta and Ahmedabad was 596,044, down 17% compared to the second half of 2014.

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