Can't equate Taher Merchant to Tiger Memon: Defence lawyer

Can’t equate Taher Merchant to Tiger Memon: Defence lawyer


Can’t equate Taher Merchant to Tiger Memon: Defence lawyer

MUMBAI: Defense Wednesday opened the first of the arguments against the death sentence requested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for three people convicted of being the main conspirators in the Mumbai mass explosions in March 1993 .

Sudeep Pasbola, attorney Taher Merchant said that the defendant could not be assimilated to the main brain and fugue accused Tiger Memon, because all he did was his will.

“It is not even the case of the accusation that Taher knew the ultimate object of the conspiracy from beginning to end,” said Pasbola, saying that Taher was playing a “secondary role.” The court found that Taher was one of the hallmarks of the blast.

The CBI’s special prosecutor, Deepak Salvi, while seeking the death penalty for him, said he was in a “dominant position of authority” and took no action to prevent explosions killed 257 people and left 713 injured.

Pasbola has repeatedly stressed the lack of evidence on the list of aggravating circumstances of the case against Taher. “You can not upgrade to the last word.” “It really is a howler (do),” he argued.

However, emphasizing the role assigned to Taher and reading a confused series of confessions Pasbola said there was no evidence that there was no conspiracy to cause explosions when Taher had accompanied some accused, including the approving The airport of Dubai.

These defendants were sent to Pakistan for training in weapons and the CBI said Taher assured them a soft entry into Pakistan. In the lawsuit it appears that Taher had links to Pakistan’s ISI, simply because he knew tiger, but emphasized that the death penalty could not be sought or granted in an “inference”.

He said that in Pakistan the airport, authorities could have connections, but we can not infer that it had to be ISI. The court said there was “a conclusion”.

A special judge TADA, who on June 16, had cut Taher guilty under the Terrorism Act and disruptive activities (prevention) for conspiracy to cause explosions, said: “We have to see that they took the accused and sent to Pakistan. And what did they do there?

Pasbola said the evidence shows that in itself the role of Taher was “limited to ask one or two people to go to Pakistan for training in the arms and ensure their stay.”

“There is no evidence that revenge against India and the Indian extraction people was discussed at the meeting in Dubai …” said Pasbola, adding that what was discussed was “to prepare the weapons training to be ready for Retaliate in the event of riots. ”

“Taher actively helped an aid committee to provide food, clothing and money for people affected by the riots in Mumbai,” he added.

“The preservation of it is a basic human instinct,” he went on to say that “absconsion in itself can not be considered as an aggravating circumstance or proof of charge.”

“He felt remorse, but not regret,” Pascuala said in one of the final request of the indictment indicating that remorse is when he feels pain for something Taher did, but repentance comes the fault of the crime that Taher did not do. “” Aggravating circumstances should be the source of evidence, “he said.

“The claims are based on conjectures and inferences,” as argued to minimize the role of banking in the 1993 bombing of Pasbola Thursday’s bursts continue their presentations.

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