Offbeat Monsoon Destinations Near Mumbai That Nobody Knows About

Offbeat Monsoon Destinations Near Mumbai That Nobody Knows About


Offbeat Monsoon Destinations Near Mumbai That Nobody Knows About

While Mumbai is surrounded by popular monsoon ferns that attract a number of visitors on weekends there are hidden gems in Maharashtra no one knows. These unusual murson destinations close to Bombay are not busy and are quiet weekend getaways and rejuvenating for those who do not like clichés places.

Maharashtra home to a number of delightful monsoon destinations that survive life when rains hit them in June. Distributed throughout the state, these beautiful destinations attract crowds of tourists during the monsoon season. With part of the western Ghats in the state, it is natural that Maharashtra becomes intense green during the monsoon.

Moving from beaches to mountain resorts and meadows to waterfalls, the Maharashtra monsoon vacation spots make excellent weekend getaways. These sites have become extremely popular weekend destination for locals and tourists alike.

However, there are several hidden places hidden inside Maharashtra that become as fascinating during the monsoon as the most popular.

Located near Pune, Morachi Chincholi is the main peacock destination of Maharashtra. Dancing peacocks during the monsoon here are a sight to behold.

This rural area dotted with tamarind and green farms is a welcome respite from urban noise and pollution. It is located at a distance of 186 km and takes about 3 hours and 50 minutes to reach Mumbai.
Tapola has earned the nickname of mini-Kashmir Maharashtra with its scenic beauty and good weather. The mountain station is located near Mahabaleshwar, but it is much less crowded.

Tapola is built on the fortress Trek Vasota and hosts the charming Shivsagar Lake worth visiting for its water sports activities.

Monsoons bring out the best of Tapola, making it a perfect time for a weekend getaway in Mumbai. The distance from Mumbai to Tapola is 259 km and it takes about 5 hours and 45 minutes to arrive by road.
Perhaps one of the quieter clean and picturesque areas in the interior of Maharashtra, the coastal area of ​​Dapoli home to beautiful beaches. Located in the Ratnagiri district, Dapoli is a seaside town that makes you forget the hustle and bustle.

Clean and sleepy beaches like Murud, Harnai and Anjarle, offer rejuvenation points and picnic moments enjoyable for a romantic atmosphere. Dapoli is located about 225 km from Mumbai and the car will take you about 4 hours and 50 minutes. DATE OF DEPARTURE The best family stations near Mumbai that are perfect for children

One of the easiest, but most rewarding tours in Maharashtra, Tikona Fort is situated on a beautiful mountain with excellent views of the surrounding vegetation. Also known as the Vitangad, Tikona is only 60 km from Pune in the Maval region.

During the monsoon, the area surrounding the base of the village-Tikona Peth becomes an intense and surprising green for hiking a memorable experience. The movement from Mumbai to Fort Tikona is 121 km and it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach the base village. The walk takes about an hour and 15 minutes.

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