Suicide at Bandra-Worli Sea Link: Tragic case of heartbreak, depression that shocked Mumbai

Suicide at Bandra-Worli Sea Link: Tragic case of heartbreak, depression that shocked Mumbai


Suicide at Bandra-Worli Sea Link: Tragic case of heartbreak, depression that shocked Mumbai

The suicide rate among teenagers increases every day. Suicidal means may be different, but the cause remains the same, “depression.” A suicide bomber struck Mumbai this week as 24-year-old Pawanjeet Singh Kohli disappeared from Khar Sunday night, found himself arriving at the shore, near Fort Bandra.

Pawanjeet Singh Kohli said, he was a victim of depression and broken heart. According to his friends and family, Pawanjeet was a happy person, and none of them had the index through a confusion and depression. When police told their parents about the death of Pawanjeet, they were in shock.

Pawanjeet Singh Kohli was the son of a prominent businessman in Mumbai. On Sunday night, he jumped from Bandra-Worli. At about 3 in the morning, he asked the taxi driver to stop when he wanted to vomit, but he climbed onto the railing and jumped.

Later, the next day, Bandra police found a body at Fort Bandra and found him with the help of firefighters. By analyzing the missing complaints recently, the police gathered the Pawanjeet case and called their parents, who have been identified.

Pawanjeet Singh Kohli, 24, was a student at MMK University. Pawanjeet was the son of a busy businessman and lived in the Pali Hill market area, Bandra. Recently, on his birthday, his father gave him an Audi.

But the mystery began to unfold when police began to gather all the pieces, after 36 hours of suicide.

It all started on June 21, when Pawanjeet came to know about his girlfriend’s impending engagement, which was scheduled for June 25. After speaking of commitment, Pawanjeet called his parents to a meeting at Taj Lands End (Bandra).

During the meeting, Pawanjeet showed photos, messages and gifts from his parents exchanging between him and the woman if they were related.

But the woman’s parents were not ready to cancel the engagement. Upon leaving the hotel, Pawanjeet threatened to interrupt the engagement ceremony. After that, the woman’s parents contacted the parents of Pawanjeets, and the two families have tried to reason with him. At the end of the meeting, the two families came to the conclusion of burying the past and moving on.

A few days later, the woman called a friend Pawanjeet and mistreated him for trying to trigger his engagement. Pawanjeet’s friend recorded the conversation, and then shared the recording with Pawanjeet.

But despite the best intentions of Pawanjeet’s friend, Pawanjeet fled into a depression after listening to the conversation. Then Pawanjeet keeps everything in place.
On Saturday, July 1, Pawanjeet took his family to dinner at the restaurant on the road link, and later the same day, Pawanjeet and one of his friends left their homes for the festive Worli Sky Lounge.

That day, Pawanjeet did not take his car or his phone and told his family that he will soon return home. After that, he and his friend hired a taxi and went to his friend near the Town Bakery, Worli, and told him to join other friends in the Sky Lounge.

After leaving his friend, he took a liquor and went to Marine Drive, where he called his friends and told them that he had overcome the broken case.

But after telling his parents that he was coming back and did not, a missing person report was filed with the Khar police.

According to a report in Mid-Day, a police officer said Sunday night that he took a taxi when he left his house and when the taxi arrived at almost Worli and around 3 am, Pawanjeet asked driver to stop halfway Way, claiming he needed to vomit, but instead climbed the railing and threw himself into the water.

Bandra police found a body in Bandra Fort, and after finding their missing file, they became acquainted with the Pawanjeet case and called their parents and identified Pawanjeet.

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