Day: September 11, 2017

What happens if I don't complete the Blue Whale challenge?

What happens if I don’t complete the Blue Whale challenge?


Well, what happens is better than what happens when you continue to play the game, your mental and psychological level persists. According to one of the articles leo; if you do not continue, you will be threatened or not. Read the article: Is Your Child Victim of a Blue Whale Challenge? , to get clear information about the challenge of blue whales, questions, how to see if your child is a victim and how to take precautions.

Initially, the administrator extracts all the information about the player or the participant and his family. If the player refuses to follow the rules or completes the task, the administrator threatens to harm his family. It is almost impossible for the player to go back.


At the beginning of the game, you must provide your basic information. So, maybe something could go wrong here. However, whatever happens is better than your life. Can I ask you to stop the game ???

Well, according to the rumor when you sign up for the game, the administrator tries to get all your personal and personal information and keep it in threat and sing it if you try to stop following and take on the challenges

It has also been said that they inject some kind of file into your system and hijack it and that they take away your essential information and, as far as the teenagers are concerned, they do not know the consequences that will occur after their piracy

They are easily convinced and adore adventure activities so they take things easy.


You do not go. They will steal all your information from your mobile, such as contacts, email identification password, address location, browser history. They then threaten to continue the game via offline calls or offline text. In addition, bad information about you will be published on social media. So do not play.


A simple answer to this is that nothing happens to them.

It is a game and if you stop playing, it will not happen.

Of course, do not try to do it, it’s not great.

I hope this helps.

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