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The Details Google Didn’t Reveal During the Keynote

The Details Google Didn’t Reveal During the Keynote

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The Details Google Didn’t Reveal During the Keynote


Android Go was announced at the opening conference of the conference Google I / O developers Mountain View Wednesday. Since the announcement, there was a lot of confusion about the project – is it a new version of Android? Can Android devices run any Android application or only applications that have been optimized for the Go experience? How does it affect the operating system updates for consumers and what developers have to do differently to optimize their applications for Android Go?

Unfortunately, after the introduction, Google did not provide answers to many of these questions, and there is not much information on Android. Fortunately, to answer all these questions – and many more – Wee managed to spend time with Sameer Samat, the man who introduced Android to take the stage on Wednesday and vice president of product management for Android and Google Play. Here is an FAQ on Android GB based on 360 responses received from Samat and other Google executives at Mountain View here.

Android is there a new version of Android?
Samat could not be more clear on this: “Go Android is not a new version of Android, this is none other than Android is the name of the project on Google.”

How will it be delivered with the Android version of the GB aircraft?
“We call it Android GB – it’s an internal name – but the operating system these partners will be sending Android O – There is no separate operating system called Android GB,” said Samat, just to address the problem.

So what will different Android devices Go?
Think Android Go as a bunch of presets including the Android device will be delivered in O. some operating system settings (or deactivated) will be activated by default; Some Google applications will be slightly different from other Android devices O; And the Google Play Store will highlight third-party apps optimized for experienced Go – that’s all. “The way it works is that Android has a configuration when it creates a factory device and it actually puts a Sube configuration, which is very similar to the one made with Slender, so if the device is low RAM memory for example , When the device is built in a factory, it fits right, “Samat said. “This is not something that the user decides that this is something the OEM decides to plant and what we say, whether it will build a device 1 GB or less [RAM], then it should be built with the GB OS configuration, So you should use Android O, but you should use settings. “When asked to clarify some of these changes, Samat said that” […] “to thin, up to KitKat, there are several things that the Go device to optimize the user interface, so when it is detected that it is a low RAM device, there are a number of animations that are disabled, a number of things that require a lot of memory in the user interface, but if Are the complete absence of memory, which can actually compromise experience, as opposed to improving the experience, so these are examples of optimizations. “” The other thing, however there is a feature we add, so it is not about kidnapping, but adding features. We mentioned yesterday in the main note that data management is very important for users who are online today. Therefore, data management will enter quick adjustments as another example of the change in the user interface. So there are things that are added and things have changed. “

What happens if I don't complete the Blue Whale challenge?

What happens if I don’t complete the Blue Whale challenge?


Well, what happens is better than what happens when you continue to play the game, your mental and psychological level persists. According to one of the articles leo; if you do not continue, you will be threatened or not. Read the article: Is Your Child Victim of a Blue Whale Challenge? , to get clear information about the challenge of blue whales, questions, how to see if your child is a victim and how to take precautions.

Initially, the administrator extracts all the information about the player or the participant and his family. If the player refuses to follow the rules or completes the task, the administrator threatens to harm his family. It is almost impossible for the player to go back.


At the beginning of the game, you must provide your basic information. So, maybe something could go wrong here. However, whatever happens is better than your life. Can I ask you to stop the game ???

Well, according to the rumor when you sign up for the game, the administrator tries to get all your personal and personal information and keep it in threat and sing it if you try to stop following and take on the challenges

It has also been said that they inject some kind of file into your system and hijack it and that they take away your essential information and, as far as the teenagers are concerned, they do not know the consequences that will occur after their piracy

They are easily convinced and adore adventure activities so they take things easy.


You do not go. They will steal all your information from your mobile, such as contacts, email identification password, address location, browser history. They then threaten to continue the game via offline calls or offline text. In addition, bad information about you will be published on social media. So do not play.


A simple answer to this is that nothing happens to them.

It is a game and if you stop playing, it will not happen.

Of course, do not try to do it, it’s not great.

I hope this helps.

Kulbhushan Jadhav case at ICJ: Attorney-General Ashtar Ausaf Ali to represent Pakistan

Kulbhushan Jadhav case at ICJ: Attorney-General Ashtar Ausaf Ali to represent Pakistan

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Kulbhushan Jadhav case at ICJ: Attorney-General Ashtar Ausaf Ali to represent Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistan’s Attorney General, Ashtar Ausaf Ali, declares the case of Pakistan to the International Court of Justice against the national Indian Kulbhushan Jadhav.

The development came after Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has been criticized for its “mismanagement” of the case and for its election of Khawar Qureshi based in Britain as a lawyer.

The ICJ, on May 18, suspends the execution of Jadhav.

The Attorney General said the country’s defense against the ICJ case from India was prepared by the government in consultation with all interested parties, including the military establishment, he told Geo TV. He also rejected criticism of why Pakistan has accepted the jurisdiction of the World Court.

Referring to Pakistan’s statement in March 2017, under ICJ jurisdiction, Ausaf said the current propaganda on the subject was out of place.

“The correct position is that Pakistan has signed an unconditional declaration to accept the jurisdiction of the ICJ in September 1960. In March 2017, we made a statement of exclusions, reservations and conditions,” Ausaf said.

He said that the original declaration in 1960 was without reservations and exceptions. Pakistan before March 2017 a binding ipso facto jurisdiction (for the fact itself) of the ICJ was signed.

“We had become signatories of a declaration of submission to jurisdiction, without exception, in September 1960.”

In March 2017, he said, Pakistan has established security servers, particularly on the security of Pakistan for the first time. He explained that in this case, the ICJ is not seen in this regard.

“The Optional Protocol invokes the ICJ, with powers and competence to resolve conflicts between member states.”

“If we had to withdraw that statement, we should return to the declaration of 1960, which gives jurisdiction, without exception,” he argued.

The television station also reported that Qureshi had paid £ 50,000 for the case. However, the Indian lawyer accused a rupee for his services.

Omega-3 rich foods such as fish and spinach may help prevent Alzheimer’s: Study

Omega-3 rich foods such as fish and spinach may help prevent Alzheimer’s: Study

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Omega-3 rich foods such as fish and spinach may help prevent Alzheimer’s: Study

Consuming foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish and spinach can increase blood flow in areas of the brain associated with memory and learning, which reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study.

In Alzheimer’s disease, a protein called amyloid forms around the nerve cells in the brain. This amyloid damages the blood vessels and can inhibit the flow of blood in the brain. “This is a very important research because it shows a correlation between omega-3 fatty acid levels and lower the reduction of cerebral blood flow to regions important for learning, memory, depression and dementia,” said the researcher Principal, Daniel G Amen Amen of Clinics in the United States.

The researchers analyzed the brain images of about 166 participants. They used single photon emission computed tomography, or SPECT, to measure blood perfusion in the brain. Images obtained from subjects performing various cognitive tasks show increased blood flow in specific regions of the brain, the researchers said.

The quantitative brain SPECT was performed in 128 regions of the brain and each participant completed computerized neurocognitive test their status.
They compared the images to the Omega-3 index, a measure of blood levels of two omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), the researchers found a statistically significant correlation between increased blood circulation and The Omega-3 Index. The team also evaluated the neuropsychological functions of subjects and found that omega-3 fatty acid levels also correlated with various psychological feelings using a battery of standardized tests.

The results showed a statistically significant relationship between the omega-3 index, regional cerebral perfusion in SPECT in the areas involved in memory and neurocognitive tests.

Researchers say saliva may reveal risk of Alzheimer’s disease
“The role of fatty acids” fish oil “in mental health and the physiology of the brain principle to be explored.This study opens the possibility that relatively simple dietary changes have a positive impact on cognitive function,” he said William S Harris from the University of South Dakota in the United States.

SBI’s bad loans didn’t affect it much. Here’s the proof

SBI’s bad loans didn’t affect it much. Here’s the proof

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SBI’s bad loans didn’t affect it much. Here’s the proof

India’s state-owned bank has reported its biggest six-quarter gain to reduce provisions for credit losses in the last quarter, but investors were wary of the prospects of asset quality after the merger of its five subsidiary banks to From April.

The OSE, which accounts for more than one-fifth of banking assets in India, merged its five subsidiary banks with itself and also supported a niche lender with women as of April 1 in the first movement consolidation of the industry.

The bank announced on Friday an independent net profit, including its subsidiaries’ contributions, more than doubled compared to the previous year to $ 28.15 billion rupees ($ 433.5 million) for its fiscal fourth quarter on 31 of March. While the increase in the result in line with expectations, OSE One surprised the market with a decrease in the NPL ratio on a quarterly basis.

However, including the results of the subsidiary banks, has now resumed, the bank reported a net loss of about 33 billion rupees in the March quarter, raising concerns that the high rate of bad loans in the subsidiaries could Weigh on the overall balance.

He also leapt on a “watch list” of potential loans to 324.27 billion rupees representing the consolidated entity as of April 1 against the 133 billion rupees for the parent bank.

SBI Chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya told a press conference that the bank had already taken the “maximum pain” by merging the subsidiaries and taken comprehensive measures when necessary, even if global delivery costs were expected to continue Being “high”, in March 2018.

“In the short term, there could be a bit more pain … Slightly longer term, things are certainly on the rise,” Bhattacharya said.

A faster resolution of a record $ 150 billion in gross assets in India’s banking sector is a top priority for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, which owns majority stakes in more than 20 lenders who dominate the sector.

This month, the government amended its laws, giving the central bank greater power to identify and enforce the resolution on specific loans.

For the three months to March, provisions for impaired loans from OSE fell by 9.4% compared to the previous year, to $ 109.93 billion rupees for the parent bank. Gross impaired loans as a percentage of total loans fell to 6.9% in March from 7.23% in December, but Rose absolute to 1.12 trillion rupees.

Investec Securities on a note after the results that the profit of the parent bank exceeded the estimates, but calls the consolidated loss of 33 billion rupees to miss miss. He said the findings reflect his concern about the low yield of the merged bank, maintaining its “hold” rating on the stock.

Moon orbiting solar system's 3rd largest dwarf planet found

Moon orbiting solar system’s 3rd largest dwarf planet found

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Moon orbiting solar system’s 3rd largest dwarf planet found

Scientists have discovered a new moon orbiting the third largest dwarf planet, found on the frosty outskirts of our solar system.

With this discovery, more well-known dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt more than 965 kilometers have companions. These organizations provide an overview of how moons form in the primitive solar system.

The combined power of three space observatories, including NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, has discovered the moon in orbit around the dwarf planet OR10 2007 in the Kuiper Belt, a surface ice formation residue remainder of our solar system there are 4.6 thousand millions of years.

“The discovery of satellites around all known large dwarf planets – with the exception of Sedna – means that when these bodies were formed there a billion years ago, collisions must have been more frequent, which is a constraint on the Training, “said Csaba Kiss of the Konkoly Observatory in Hungary.

“If there were frequent collisions, it was fairly easy to train these satellites,” said Kiss, lead author of the study published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Objects are most often hit with each other because they lived in a busy area.

The team discovered the moon in the images from the 2007 OR10 files taken by the Hubble telescope.

Observations made on the dwarf planet by NASA’s first Kepler space telescope astronomers reported the possibility of the moon that was circling.

Kepler showed that 2007 OR10 has a slow rotation period of 45 hours.

“The typical rotation periods of Kuiper belt objects are less than 24 hours,” he said.

“We looked at the Hubble file because the slowest rotation period could have been caused by the moon’s gravitational weapon. The initial investigator missed the moon in the Hubble images because it is very weak.” -t, He said.

Astronomers spotted the moon in two separate Hubble observations a year apart. The images show the moon is gravitationally linked to 2007 OR10 as it moves with the dwarf planet, seen on a background of stars.

Astronomers have calculated the diameters of the two objects based on far-infrared light observations by the Herschel Space Observatory, which measured the thermal emission of distant worlds.

The dwarf planet is about 1 518 km, and the moon is estimated at 240 km 400 km in diameter.

2007 OR10, like Pluto, follows an eccentric orbit, but is currently three times as far away as Pluto from the sun. 2007 OR10 is a member of an exclusive club of the new dwarf planets. Among these bodies, only Pluto and Eris are superior to 2007 OR10.

It was discovered in 2007 by astronomers Meg Schwamb, Mike Brown and David Rabinowitz as part of a survey to find distant solar system bodies using the Samuel Oschin telescope at the Palomar Observatory in the United States.

Fired FBI Chief James Comey To Publicly Testify Russian Interference In US Elections

Fired FBI Chief James Comey To Publicly Testify Russian Interference In US Elections

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Fired FBI Chief James Comey To Publicly Testify Russian Interference In US Elections

WASHINGTON: James Fowey, former FBI chief fired by President Donald Trump agreed to publicly testify about Russia’s interference in US elections, as new charges have increased pressure on the American leader.

At an Oval Office meeting with former Russian officials last week, Trump Comey calls a “crackpot” and said the intelligence chief was relieved “great pressure” on him, the New York Times reported.

The exchange is consistent with allegations that Trump returned Comey in the probe’s office in a possible collusion between the real estate mogul’s campaign and Moscow.

The Washington Post said the FBI has identified an unnamed senior White House official as an “important person of interest” in investigating Russia’s interference in the presidential election in 2016.

The reports came as Trump headed to Saudi Arabia to launch his first foreign trip as US leader – to highlight that the controversy over his team’s alleged ties to Moscow endangers his presidential presidency.

Comey testified at a public hearing of the Senate Intelligence Commission sometime after the memorial vacation on May 29, but a date has not been established.

The former FBI chief has not spoken publicly since his surprise fired last week.

“I hope it will be clarified for the American events of recent events that have been widely reported in the media,” panel chair Richard Burr said in a statement.

Senior Democrat deputy to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, said he expected Comey “to bring to light issues critical to the Committee’s investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections.”

However, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee said that Comey rejected his invitation to testify before the panel of the circumstances surrounding his sudden withdrawal.

“We are very disappointed with James Comey’s decision not to voluntarily testify before the Judiciary Committee,” said President Chuck Grassley and the best Democrat on the panel, Dianne Feinstein urging him to reconsider Comey.

“There is no reason why he can testify before the intelligence committees and the judiciary … Given his commitment to the people and the FBI’s mission, we expected him to meet with senators tasked with checking his next proposed leader.”

The White House was thrown into chaos by a string of accusations against this week’s impressive president, including that he may have obstructed justice by asking Comey to file an investigation into one of his top aides.
– Moscow ties under the microscope –

The latest report from the Post, citing unidentified sources familiar with the investigation, jeopardizing Trump’s insistence that his campaign had nothing to do with the Kremlin.

Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign for misleading Vice President Mike Pence about a phone call with the Russian ambassador.
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The president’s son, Jared Kushner, is among those whose contacts with the Russian government have been scrutinized.

“It was crazy, a real heath job,” Trump told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov last week, according to the Times, citing the meeting’s notes and reading the paper by an official from the United States .

“I faced a lot of pressure because of Russia. It was eliminated.”

He faces public insistence from the White House that Comey’s dismissal was unrelated to the ongoing investigation.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer did not question the timing.

Russian intercepts suggest that Russian officials said they had established such a strong relationship with Flynn that they could use it to influence Trump and his closest circle, CNN reported.

He quoted administration officials and former officials as saying that US intelligence leaders were so concerned about the talks between Flynn and the Russians that they limited the amount of sensitive information they shared with him.

NASA sending crew supplies, equipment to ISS astronauts via SpaceX Dragon spacecraft

NASA sending crew supplies, equipment to ISS astronauts via SpaceX Dragon spacecraft

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NASA sending crew supplies, equipment to ISS astronauts via SpaceX Dragon spacecraft

US space agency NASA said SpaceX is ready to launch its Dragon 11 commercial mission spacecraft to replenish the International Space Station (ISS). The spacecraft should be launched on June 1 from the NASA Kennedy Space Center.

The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, which will launch at the top of the Falcon 9 rocket, will deliver the supplies, equipment and scientific research of the crew astronauts living aboard the ISS.

Research on neutron stars, osteoporosis, solar panels and tools for Earth observation will be sent to ISS astronauts via SpaceX Dragon spacecraft.

“In addition to studying the matter in neutron stars, the payload also includes a demonstration of the technology called Explorer station synchronization technology and X-ray navigation (Sextant), which will help researchers develop a Space navigation pulsar bases, “said NASA.

When massive stars explode like supernovae, they give off bright ashes known as neutron stars name. These stars contain exotic states of matter that are impossible to reproduce on a laboratory floor.

Due to their unique form of light emission, these stars are called “pulsars”. The light passes to us sweeps when the star rotates, and this phenomenon appears as if the star pulsated.

The physics of these stars are studied by the payload of the neutron star scanned composition (best), which is attached to the outer part of the space station. This gives a new idea of ​​nature and behavior.

X-rays are emitted by neutron stars, allowing the most enjoyable technology to observe and record information about its structure, dynamics and dynamism. The new solar panels called the deployment of the Solar Array (ROSA), which are the lightest and most compact shops to start up the rigid solar panels used today will also be sent to the ISS.

cds exam date

CDS 2 2017 Notification and Exam Date | Check Here


CDS February 2017 Notification and test date. CDSE is a written exam twice a year by UPSC.

It is designed to select officers of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Men and women can ask for CDSE and the best part is on the CDSE is no percentage bar to it. While men can apply for the Navy (IMA and OTA) Marine (INA) and Air Force (AFA), women can only apply to the Army (OTA). Let’s see in detail CDSE February 2017 Note that all dates are provisional.
Contact our website to stay up to date:

Seeking a CDS Notification February 2017 online

From the forms: 09/08/2017
Last submission date: 08/09/2017
Review Date: 19/11/2017
How to apply: Only online at UPSC (

CDS Age Limit Review in February 2017

CDS age limit for IMA 2017 2 Review: male candidates born before July 2, 1994, and no later than July 1, 1999 have been eligible only.
CDS Age Limit February 2017 for OTA review: Male candidates (married or not) born before July 2, 1993, and later on July 1, 1999, were eligible only. Single women, widows without unmarried partners and divorced without a partner (in possession of divorce papers) who are not remarried are eligible. Must be born before July 2, 1993, and later on July 1, 1999

CDS February 2017 age limit examinations for AFA: 20 to 24 years from 1 July 2018 ie born before 2 July 1994, and no later than 1 July 1998 (upper age limit for candidates with Current and valid professional pilot license issued by the DGAC (India) is payable up to 26 years of age, born before 2 July 1992, and no later than 1 July 1998). Note: Candidates under 25 must be single. Marriage is not allowed during training.
Aged married candidates 25 years old are eligible to apply but during the training period are not married will provide housing and can live with the family.

COS 2 Examinations 2017 Age Limit for NA: Unmarried male candidates born before July 2, 1994 and no later than July 1, 1999, were eligible only.

CDS February 2017 University Degrees:

For the Indian Military Academy and Training Academy officers -> Degree from a recognized university or equivalent.
For the Naval Academy India -> Bachelor of Engineering from a recognized university / institution.
For the Air Force Academy -> Degree from a recognized university (with physics and mathematics at 10 + 2 level) or Bachelor of Engineering degree.

NASA, ISRO join hands to build Earth-imaging satellite, NISAR

NASA, ISRO join hands to build Earth-imaging satellite, NISAR

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NASA, ISRO join hands to build Earth-imaging satellite, NISAR

New Delhi: The US space agency NASA is considered a pioneer in space programs and its Indian counterpart, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), has also firmly planted its feet as a name to take into account after its achievements Revolutionaries.

For a long time space AFFECTIONS and even important figures in the field of space connect the two space agencies to create collaboration and it looks like what finally happens!

According to recent reports, NASA and ISRO have teamed up to create a satellite called Nisar will help scientists monitor Earth like never before.

“Nisar is the first major collaboration between NASA and ISRO, certainly on the radar, but also in general: it is a RADAR two frequencies, a RADAR to 24 centimeters L band and S band 13 centimeters. The L-band by NASA.This is an important collaboration both in terms of technical construction of the satellite that collaboration between the Pacific between India and the United States States, “Paul told Rosen, a scientist working on the Nisar satellite project , NDTV reported.

Nisar The satellite is scheduled for launch in India 2021 with the launch of the GSLV and will open a new vision in the Indo-American friendship.

Rosen also said, “We’re going to take instantaneous Earth shots each week using two cameras that give us an image of the movement of tectonic plates, ice sheets, vegetation shifts on farmland and forests. We do is look at the temporal variability of the earth during the life of the mission to understand how disasters are evolving, how to produce earthquakes, volcanoes how they occur, how ice sheets are changing and how they affect sea levels and how Forest fires and changes in forest cover affect the atmosphere.It is very relevant for what the company is interested in changes in our climate, changes in our environment and how it affects society, “Vincent said.

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